Friday, October 17, 2014

Ouya- An outstanding Android Television Gaming Console

Apart from serving as a top-notch mobile operating system, Android is rapidly evolving into a robust gaming platform. Today, developers have an easy access to mobile hardware that enables them to create awe-striking games for people of different age groups. Android fans have now started taking their gaming experience to the television sets. It's the open source nature of Android operating system that has allowed developers to create video game consoles that can allow the users to play video games directly on their television sets via Android. One such Android powered gaming console is Ouya. Through this article, I'll be focusing on using Ouya as an effective Android Television Gaming console.

Ouya- A brief on its background
Released in the month of July 2012, Ouya kick-started as one of the finest Android television gaming consoles used by avid Android fans residing in different parts of the world. Well, talking about its specifications, Ouya comes with a Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU, an 8GB flash memory, a 1GB RAM, HDMI display and USB 2.0(Ax) and Micro USB(1x) as inputs. Last, but definitely not the least, Ouya is also quipped with a WiFi connection, Bluetooth 4.0 and Ethernet.

Ouya- Ready to embrace challenges proposed by hackers
However, you can opt to Hire Android Apps Programmers for providing utmost protection, but get aware of the fact that a snazzy looking box, Ouya comes with an in-built controller. You need not hide it away in your living room TV setup, rather you can enjoy the hacker-friendly spirit of Android. Since Ouya boots up to a custom OS based on the very recent Jelly Bean 4.1, you can easily root the console without making its warranty void. Moreover, opening Ouya is easy and just requires a standard screwdriver.

Ouya- What makes it different from the plain process of connecting your Android phone/tablet to a television set?
The Ouya store features a wide collection of games and apps that are exclusively designed for gaming with Ouya on your television set. Ouya makes it quite convenient for Android game developers to release games on the Android platform. With zero upfront licensing fee, Ouya serves as the finest Android television gaming console you'd love to use. Ouya is receiving an incredible support from some of the leading studios across the globe. Double Fine and SquareEnix are two of the major studios that have extended support to Ouyo. These firms have confirmed offering a helping hand when it comes to enhancing the overall performance and functioning of Ouya. Today's Android app developers can gain an easy access to Ouya's open design for producing games that can be enjoyed on large-screened devices like the television sets. Equipped with a console, controller and an easy interface, Ouya is an inexpensive package for gaming lovers.

With such good things being said about Ouya and is deemed by almost every Android Application Development Company in India, it's time for you to give it a try for yourself. I'm sure the amazing features of this Android television gaming console would definitely entice you to continue your passion of playing different types of games. Plus, the best part is that you can enjoy these games on larger than life screens. 

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