Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What is That Makes CakePHP Truly Stand Out

CakePHP has given enough reasons to the web development community to make it one of the most popular server side scripting languages used in creating outstanding web applications with minimal efforts.

The language is so ubiquitous on web servers that whenever webmasters think of creating an application, it's only PHP that clicks first in their mind. Any CakePHP development company that offers its services reliably by keeping quality standards high is always in demand

So, what is that makes PHP so much popular? Firstly, it is dynamic, flexible, user-friendly, and comes with a better user control. Secondly, it allows the user specify certain functions within the code in order to to provide the most effective ways with which a browser displays or organizes the information. Thirdly, the platform easily meets the complex business problems with ease. And lastly, a user can easily combine PHP and HTML within the same document to enhance its visual appearance and make it more presentable.

In this article, we are going to discuss about how PHP brings a great deal of benefits to the web development world and why it is so reliable.

1. Easy to Understand

CakePHP is preferred by the developers- the reason being it is extremely easy to understand and read. Generally, most of the programming languages are hard and confusing to beginners while PHP is clean, well-organized, and fast. PHP documents can be organized in any way, allowing users to add any function or feature they want without having to make sure about the complicated code or they have to be in the correct place. This is helpful for users who generally work with lengthy scripts for their pages, especially stylesheets and reference documents.

2. Can be Edited with Ease

Editing a CakePHP based document is an absolutely breezy process. It offers a quick method of scanning a document and make alterations as per the needs. In some of the complicated programming languages, you need to completely change the functions within multiple documents in order to perform some editing related functions.

Additionally, CakePHP based documents can also be incorporated into some other PHP documents or individual PHP commands. This enables the user to make the most out of their programming skills and development experience as they enjoy a high level of control over the writing and editing of PHP scripts and extensions with an absolute ease.

3. Better Level of Control

Working with PHP, developers enjoy more control over web browsers than any other languages out there. In some of the complicated languages, developers often need to struggle hard with large scripts to perform even some basic tasks, while PHP does the same functionalities in a few lines of code. The language is great in enabling users to design web pages in whatever style and specifications they want while performing a wider range of tasks. This way, the user focus less on the complicated programming and more on designing.

4. High Level of Performance

CakePHP Performs better than any other languages out there. The language is fast, reliable, and offers a sustainable method for developing power-packed web applications. The user only needs to write a few lines of code on a PHP document, and just click save, and they can observe their website getting transformed into something that's truly unique and stunning.

5. Compatability with the ORM (object relational mapping) 

The seamless compatability of CakePHP with ORM (object relational mapping) technique is further the reason for its stand out performance. One of the reasons for the enhanced performance is the involvement of the object oriented programming in this scenario. The data is arranged in the tabular form and then it takes the form of classes, and this arrangement lends it a remarkable sense of structure that every developer prefers. Furthermore, the relationship between different tables is insightfully defined by leveraging the characteristics of these classes. The CakePHP framework is responsible for the callbacks and validation definitions being integrated here.

Wrapping Up

Being a perfect programming framework, CakePHP is truly dynamic in the way it helps programmers built efficient and feature-rich applications and websites. It gives wings to the development project of companies and help them move their business ahead in an assured manner.

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