Monday, October 13, 2014

5 Incredibly Effective Must-Have Tools For Every Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development has always been a challenging job for developers who aren't into the habit of using the finest tools. Whether its about designing, development or testing the apps, tools come in handy for developers with different levels of app programming expertise. Nowadays, with a rapid increase in the usage of mobile devices, mobile app developers have come into a greater amount of demand. If you too are a mobile app developer then this is a blog that would help you find complete details about the best mobile app development tools that can aid in the creation of outstanding mobile apps and games. So, allow me to take you on a journey of the finest mobile app development tools.

Tool No.1- AppGyver AppGyver has come up with a brand new mobile app development tool called Steroids. It comes equipped with awesome features that allow developers to boost their workflow in a fantastic manner. In addition to this, Steroids' compatibility with PhoneGap allows developers to work smoothly with their database. If you're thinking about Custom iPhone App Development, then Steroids can serve as the best choice.

Tool No.2- Tabris If you're good at Java programming, then Tabris is the right tool for you. It allows you to build mobile apps in Java. Backed by a rich and powerful user interface, Tabris renders native iOS and Android widgets that enable you to build robust and scalable iPhone and Android apps within least amount of time.

Tool No.3- Corona Labs As a brilliant 2D mobile app development framework, Corona SDK comes with an extensive range of API Libraries, allowing you to build applications that include the best animations and networking. Moreover, Corona Labs has also launched a service that enables you to publish the created apps using a single code base. If you're intending to choose iPhone Application Developers For Hire then Corona SDK is a tool that you can surely recommend to your development team and expect it to work on your mobile iPhone app development project using the same.

Tool No.4- MoSync With cross-platform mobile apps creating a brand new wave in the mobile app world, MoSync comes as an advanced tool for developing apps that can run effectively on multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux Mobile etc. With incredible support for top-notch programming languages like C, C++, Python, PHP, Java and JavaScript, MoSync is appreciated by all the mobile app developers who're serious about their profession.

Tool No.5- AppBuilder Offering a code base of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, AppBuilder serves as a brilliant toolkit for developers who intend to build apps for the iOS and Android powered smartphones, tablets, phablets, netbooks etc. Interesting benefits available with the AppBuilder toolkit include: the flexibility of creating cross-platform UI, editing and de-bugging in real time, leveraging the potential of the cloud manager SDK and many more.

Conclusion Now that was a comprehensive list of 5 topmost mobile app development tools that have worked wonders for a majority of mobile app developers. Hope these tools work for you as well and allow you to deliver finest mobile apps within a small time duration.

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