Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unveiling the Reasons That Makes PHP the Future of Web Development

Future of Web Development?

Nowadays having strong presence on the web has become a crucial factor for online businesses. And this is why having a website has become a necessity than just a trend for business owners. But building a generic site is not enough to help you achieve success in your online endeavors. Rather you need to construct a compelling and fully-functional site with all the essential components that ensures your site success. There are various web development frameworks that you can choose from to build your site, but bear in mind that not all the frameworks can deliver you expected results.

PHP is a popular web development technology that is used by most of the developers for constructing dynamic sites as well as web 2.0 applications. There are a plethora of reasons as to Why PHP is the Future of Web Development? Here's a rundown of a few benefits that makes PHP better than its counterparts:
  • Faster Project Implementation
One of the biggest benefits of PHP is that it offers faster project implementation of complex development solutions. By completing the development of project in faster turnaround time means you can launch your project early in the market, which helps you achieve competitive edge in the market.
  • Versatility
PHP runs on several operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc. What's more, since this framework blends with other technologies like Java easily, thereby allowing software components to be re-used. This is a big advantage, as you no longer need to spend your time and resources in order to redevelop the software components.
  • Availability of Resources
You can easily find numerous PHP resources which can be categorized in two segments. The first segment consists of already existing resources that might have already been developed, be it a PHP framework, websites, ecommerce portals etc. You can make use of the existing resources for developing a new project. Simply put, PHP allows reuse of software components, as discussed above.

While the second segment comprise of a host of PHP professionals that you can easily find in the market. You can outsource your PHP development venture by hiring an offshore PHP development company, or can choose any PHP developer over web, or can even go for a freelancer. However, the most viable alternative is to take up services of a reputed offshore company in India as it helps you get result-oriented solutions at affordable prices.
  • Right Learning Curve
PHP provides an easier learning curve and thus is extremely easy to understand. Moreover, it make use of simple techniques and features which can be easily grasped by novices.

Today a lot of business organizations that favor to procure services of an outsourcing company as it offers them plenty of benefits. The most important being that an offshore company helps reduce your overall development cost needed to set-up a development team. Xicom is a leading offshore web development company in India that strives to provide its clients with PHP development services of highest quality standards. The company is backed by a team of proficient PHP developers that possesses global knowledge and capabilities that empowers them to deliver high-end development solutions exactly what our clients need.

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