Tuesday, April 08, 2014

5 Best Chat Scripts to Facilitate Chat on Your Website

Oh, those were the days of Yahoo Messenger! A decade ago (what now seems like few lightyears ago), Yahoo Messenger had taken the Internet realm by storm as almost every teenager who knew his or her way around the Internet could be found hooked on their desktops, indulged in lengthy chat sessions with their virtual friends located at a totally different part of the world.

Technology evolved and so did these messengers. The phenomenon of ‘Online chatting’ has grown from being just a conversation between two friends over an Internet messenger to becoming a seriously important communication tool for global businesses.

Today, we have chat scripts that are integrated to websites to facilitate chatting through a small chat box that more often than not is placed at the bottom right corner of the screen whenever you are accessing that particular website. Enterprises with their live websites are leveraging this feature to facilitate real-time communication with their visitors and customers. These chat scripts can be installed in order to provide live support to the visitors who are offered the facility to interact directly with someone from the company and ask them questions regarding a company’s product. These chat applications go a long way in helping businesses receive some valuable feedback from their customers in real time and on a pretty private platform. This way, any user complaints are received by them directly, instead of through some public platform.

This is where brands need some chatting scripts they can install on their sites to use the feature. I compile below a list of 5 such scripts that offer some great features in order to provide you the wherewithal to interact better with your consumer:

1. Easy Chat

Easy Chat
It arguably is a remarkable PHP application. As the name suggests, it paves way for an easy communication channel between brands and their consumers through a chat application on their website. A PHP based chat system, Easy Chat comes with functionalities abound, and it sure is powerful. The script is easily configurable and once you install it on your website, you will witness a smooth platform for you and your consumers to interact over. One of the highlights of this app is that it doesn’t make you install a database, which would have resulted in you incurring some heavy costs. It is a chat system that can be used to chat with consumers even through Smartphones and it is compatible with different operating systems and screen sizes.

2. AJAX Chat

Another path-breaking chat system, this one is powered by PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript and is amazingly fast and customizable. Ajax Chat script is optimized for better user experience and also boasts of an incredible easy admin panel for you to manage and maintain. Compatible with a suite of browsers and operating systems, AJAX Chat can also be used on the forums like MyBB, phpBB, SMF, etc. It can be configured without a fuss and you can create private groups. This script also boasts of Internet Style Relay commands, which happens to be one of the exclusive features.

3. 123 Flash Chat

123 Flash Chat
A fully functional and highly customizable web chat script, 123 Flash Chat is a very lively interface and it can be used without really much ado. A powerful system, it facilitates adding an altogether separate chat room to your website if it can support PHP. You can choose among different skins for the chat box and there is also a provision for video conferencing. Delete any message you wish to inside the chat and enjoy the smooth operation you get as a result of layout separation.

4. WSN InstaChat

WSN InstaChat
WSN InstaChat is more of those new-age chat scripts that goes beyond the standard norms and fiddles around with features. It allows you to see the other person type text and its configuration and installation is an extremely wieldy exercise. The straightforward chat system allows you and your visitors to chat seamlessly. There is a lot of documentation to help you out with its installation and usage. It also offers powerful administration features.

5. PHP – Live Chat

PHP – Live Chat
PHP development often has it so good. In order to create a tool that lays down a platform for instant interaction with your visitors, PHP – Live Chat works better than most of the chat scripts available out there. Compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems, it can be used to facilitate chat on the Smartphones. There are very obvious sound alerts and also a provision for checking the chat history. You are provided with an elaborative guide to understand the operation. Configuring the PHP – Live Chat is a breeze and so is using it. You are also equipped with a typing indicator to know when the person on the other end of the chat is entering text.

With amazingly simple interfaces and modes of usage, each of these chat script gives you a great wherewithal to know what your customers want, and how efficient or inefficient they deem your services. If you can dedicate a personnel who can address the queries of visitors and provide them instant solutions, it would serve your business great to install one of these chat scripts on your website.

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