Thursday, November 03, 2011 - An Open Market Place for Guided Tours

We at Xicom Technologies, the leading web and application Development Company in India, are known for our perfection and quality in each and every project that we undertake. Today we would like to inform our readers about one of our recently completed (Completed 1st phase) project

The Client, Sascha Cremer from Hamburg, approached us for the development of his website. He was already working on the design of the website with two designers from Hamburg. The concept looked promising so we accepted the project and started the development. The project was divided into phases and we started with the 1st phase. Our project managers started an effective communication with the client. After many hours of discussions we came up with an execution plan for the project development. Our project managers at Xicom Technologies made sure that we and the client shared same vision so that the end result would be satisfactory for the client.

The website is planned to serve as an open market for travelers and guides. Travelers can book guides for the location to which they want to travel. The client believes that traveling with a professional guide is more fun and informative. This website would be a platform where travelers and guides could come together, meet and make an arrangement for their requirements. We had to work on the functionality of the website and conversion of the design to HTML. The website has a payment feature where the travelers can make payment to guides for their services. We implemented payment reserve for providing equal control to both travelers and guides. The traveler would make the payment and the guides would have to conform the payment before the transaction can be completed. Once the guides conform the booking the payment is made to their accounts and a booking is marked on their calendar. Guides can view their unconfirmed as well as confirmed bookings after logging in.

The guide module and the tour module have been completed. The travelers review and guides review module will be completed in the second phase. We have finished the first phase and have started working on the second phase. The website is live but bookings have not yet been allowed. The most interesting feature of the website is that the website is multilingual, i.e. it is available in English and German. If the client wants then any language can be added by making few changes and adding some files. Two small clickable flags on the top of the website make this convenient for the client. Our developers have worked hard to achieve the exact vision of the client in the form of a website. Another interesting thing that the website has is that there are no sharp boxes in the website. Each and every corner in the boxes of the website is smooth and curved.

Soon we will be finishing with the second phase of the website and then the website could start working in the full swing. We wish best of luck to Sasha and the whole Maguto team from the Xicom Technologies and wish that the website makes a great impact on the online visitors.  

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