Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gushcloud: A Revolutionary Concept Turned Into Reality at Xicom Technologies

We recently completed one of our projects,, and would like to tell our readers about it. We were approached by Vincent Ha, CEO and Co-Founder of Gush cloud, over Elance. We have a very strong and impressive presence over Elance and are the only service provider with a 5 star rating on it. We were offered the project and we gladly accepted it as the project had a lot of complexities and challenges for our development teams. Moreover, it was a revolutionary concept and we wanted to make sure that we provided it a fair chance.

We started with project around 4 months ago, starting with the long conversations, discussions and conferences with the client. The designing phase was completed quickly as the Xicom client had some real good concepts of his own. We moved to the more complex parts now and started working on them. The website was supposed to be a social media tool developed for organizations and individuals of any size to promote themselves to their target viewers.

The Concept
The users on the website would be able to share, or gush, about the various brands and products that are available on the website. The users will be sharing the links on their social pages such as facebook, twitter and blogs. In return, the users will be rewarded for each gush that they share. Users can create their own Gush Cloud that the other users can share on their social pages. However, there will be a small fee charged against this service. A user can withdraw money from his account once the total amount in his wallet crosses $20 mark. The whole concept is a revolutionary step in the social media marketing field.

Our Role in the Process
Xicom project managers have always proved themselves in the past and they did an even better job in this project. The Smooth and effective communication with the client is the key factor in the successful delivery of this project. The client has been most appreciative of our project management skills. We took one task at a time and did it with full dedication. As the website is for social media therefore we made sure that it was a user friendly site with enough material to attract and retain viewers. Apart from sharing posts the user can also create or complete a survey. The website also has a very user friendly functionality through which the users can easily create surveys. They can decide the number of questions, number of choices for each question and whether the questions are multiple choices or not.
To make sure that no one takes unfair advantage we made sure that a user can share a post only once. Moreover, to provide organizations some security we added functionality that a post should be there on their social page for at least a week for successful money transfer in their wallet. If a user deletes a post before that time then the money will be deducted from his wallet and a mail will be sent to the user for the same. We completed the project around a week ago.

The Present Scene
We launched the Beta version of the website a week ago. The website already has around 3200 users in just one week. We are continuously monitoring the website and conducting rigorous testing for the same. We expect the alpha version to be ready soon. Vincent Ho, the CEO and Co-founder of the company, visited us from Singapore a few weeks before the launch of the website to make sure that everything was perfect at Xicom Technologies head office in New Delhi, India. After staying here for a week and working on the project along with our developers he was fully satisfied. Before leaving back for Singapore, Vincent offered us the iPhone application development project for the same website. We have started working on the iPhone application and the work is on full swing. After seeing the instant popularity of the website Vincent has also asked us to start working on the Android application development for the same. We will soon start the development work for android application.

Last But Not the Least:
Xicom Technologies would like to thank Vincent and all the rest of the team members of Gush cloud for being so supportive and understanding during the whole development phase. We know that the expectations are always high and it takes exceptional skills and patience in order to deliver on those expectations. We thank them for being so Communicative and patient with us. We soon hope to see the iPhone and android apps in the stores.  

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