Saturday, October 22, 2011 A project Successfully Completed and Delivered

Agility communications group provides high end communication solutions for businesses. It improves and innovates the way employees communicate internally and with clients so that maximum benefits can be achieved by the business as a whole.

The client came to Xicom Technologies for redesigning their website. The old design was not appropriate and the client wanted something that would reflect their vision and aim. We (Xicom Technologies) started with the project by starting effective communication with the client. Lengthy discussions and explaining from the client side (we are really grateful for their patience and support) helped us in understanding their business requirements. Further, we did extensive research about the company and the business domain to which they belonged. We gathered as much information about them as possible from their old website. This helped us in finally coming up with an extensively detailed strategy for the project development. 

XT (Xicom Technologies)  came up with more than a dozen initial designs for the website. As each one was a masterpiece in itself therefore it took some time for the client to finally select one that best represented them. The continuous communication from the project manager was very critical in achieving the desired solution. The client has been most appreciative of our project management skills as he believes that our project management has played the most significant part in the successful delivery of the project. 

After the final design framework for the website was finalized, we started working on giving proper shape to the website. We gave attention to even the minutest details so that we don’t miss out on anything. Constant communication with the client was very helpful in achieving an error free and highly usable solution.

The client was more than satisfied with our services and left us a feedback on Elance. It’s a highly flattering feedback (that’s why we don’t cite it here, we are being modest) that brings a real smile on our faces and makes us proud of our services (Check Xicom Technologies's  Elance profile for more information). We finally delivered a well designed solution to our client that effectively reflected their vision. Although it was just a designing project (we usually don’t accept small and simple projects) but our quality standards for the development were same as they are for any other project. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and are among a very few organizations who can openly boast about their satisfied customers.

XT believe that our principles of honesty, integrity and hard work have been greatly helpful in delivering satisfying solutions to our clients. We take great pride in our employees who understand our principles and constantly adhere to them. We hope we develop many more success stories that can be a motivating factor for all our employees and Xicom clients

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