Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Surprising Developments For iPhone App Developers Gaining Ground

iOS 9 was launched in September and undoubtedly the changes were better than iOS 8, the credit goes to new features that make it easy to use for iPhone and iPad software.

They have improved the quality of Siri and it become much more smarter, along with this Apple Maps have also been revamped. The notifications comes in a drop-down menu which is arranged logically. The best part is that, devices that work with iOS 8 are not facing any compatibility issues with iOS 9.

Moreover, since there has been no stagnation as the operating system has improved ever since and comes with regular updates and we have come with numerous versions of the software.

This is certainly not enough as the upgrades will keep on increasing, now we do not only have iOS 9.3, but iOS 9.3.1 is also on the floor which is launched along 9.7-inch iPad Pro and  4-inch iPhone SE. Due to this iPad's have gained a lot of benefit from this current operating.

As the platform has been growing so ferociously we got to delve into what all surprising developments have taken palace for app developers.

Good news for third party iOS app developers 

Over all the news and surprising development this one will certainly overwhelm you the most and this is opening up of iOS wearables for third party developers. Apple’s has launched a wearable device which will be certainly based on iOS, and the best news is that it will welcome third-party app developers  and along with this it also be powered by App Store.

However, nothing is quite clear from what kind of  App Store it will be like, for instance the one like we currently have for iPhone and iPad, or it will be just another section in the regular iPhone App Store for wearable apps that features app compatible with  wearable devices.

There are certain high-profile services companies that have already registered themselves for this new  advancement iPad App Store in edition of Apple SDK (Software Development Kit) specially curated for wearables and this has been kept under a strict confidentiality .

As per the sources one of the developers that has occupied a space in the pre-release SDK is  Facebook, the social networking stalwart, revealed as per source. Facebook has also accomplished the development which is to the iOS 8-optimized version on its iPhone app counterpart and comes with notifications.

This social network is also altering the ways to make changes in its Notification Center APIs. The SDK was developed quite recently for the developers, and Apple somewhat wants to showcase  wearable apps  developed by third party developers as per the  source have revealed.

Apple has certainly has offered  developers even in its earlier  versions of the SDK's  which was launched to encourage third party developers to come up with their own apps for the platform. For instance, there were several companies for example AOL that demonstrated  fancy gaming, iPhone SDK, and apps for drawing were demonstrated along with iPad back then 2010.

Apple watch is on the floors, but still we are not aware of the new Apple Watch platform as there is no official confirmation about the platform from the developers side. However, we are sure of one thing that Apple Watch will certainly hit the floor in 2016 and will come with additional features.

The Apple Watch claimed the title of number one wearable in 2015, and that too without a battery that lasts for 24 hours and the device also do not comes with a SIM card and is also without a camera. Considering the positive impact we know that Apple Watch has a deep market impact when it comes to the field of technology powered for wearable and the credit goes to Apple Pay.

Though we are not looking for some great  changes in the forth coming version of Apple wearable, primarily in the shape, but there might be some improvements in the hardware components.

We also expect the third iteration of watch OS to come with a quite an efficient SDK access for third party developers and this has also paved a new communication process between  Apple Watch and iPhone.

However, we are anticipating that the forthcoming  Apple Watch will come powered by LTE, this allows for true decoupling of Wi-Fi and iPhone, and this will come with an improved  battery life and also will be powered by an intrinsic GPS system.

Auto Layout is a tool that dynamically calculates the position and size of views in the structure of your web layout, and this depends upon the constraints that are placed in the views.

For instance, it allows you to restrict a button which is centered horizontally with the Image view and this also makes the edge of the button 8 points beneath. It is designed with so much flexibility that if the size or the position of the image changes then the layout automatically adjusts itself to match the position of the button.

These approached are based on constraints that allows to build interfaces that respond quite strongly when it comes to external or internal changes in the user interfaces.

Defining External Changes

Now what are external changes? Whenever the size or shape of your of your view changes is know as the external changes. With each change there must be an update in the hierarchy of the view so that you make use of the space available to you. External changes occur when:
1. The user enters or leaves Split View on an iPad (iOS).
2. Whenever the user modules window.
3. Whenever you rotate your device (iOS).
4. You get active call and audio recording bars to disappear and  appear.
5. When the user wishes to support classes of different size
6. When the user wishes to support  screens of different sizes.

In Short!
:IOS developers have a lot of scope

 After discussing so much about the advancement in the iOS platform we came up with the gist a business owner can hire iOS app developers and can embrace latest advancement in the technology. Moreover, this brings to us the fact that a lot of creative avenues have opened up for the developers which one can experiment with.

I know that your brain has already started cooking ideas and you are curious to share them with us.
We can help you to give a concrete shape to your free flowing ideas as we have done it for ample lot of people present out there.

Feel free to share!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Why Magento is ideal for E-commerce Business?

E-Commerce area is considered as one of the expeditious fragments of the administration business around the globe. Now are you planning to build a perfect e-commerce solution that may stumble upon several searching results? Then Magento is quite popular among various business organizations these days. It is an open source e-commerce platform which has best features and offers the users unparalleled flexibility to manage the content.

The major advantages of choosing Magento eCommerce Development, by a maximum number of companies are that it provides an ultimate e-commerce solution with a potent combination of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Magento can be conveniently integrated with your existing online shopping website and offers a dynamic interface that not only sells and constraints but also offers a soothing user experience to your visitors.

Why Magento is most preferred E-Commerce Platform?

1. An open-source and full-featured

Magento is one of the best flexible full-featured e-commerce software. Since it is open-source software, you can use it exceptionally. You can either pinch it with the slight changes or completely tailor it to your business's needs. With the thousands of plugins and extensions available in the Magento community, it offers limitless customization's from third-party sources or developers.

Magento is fully scalable to grow because of its flexibility and changes as demanded by the businesses. Magento is considered best solution for entrepreneurs whether they are looking for basic e-commerce features for their online store or advanced options to accommodate growth.

2. Best Price

Business owners love Magento because of its cost-effectiveness. One does not require to pay for monthly subscriptions. Magento can get your online store run by little or no cost, with its free versions or paid plug-ins and extensions.

For small business holders, Magento Community is a great way to get started. It is probably a free version of Magento, which consists of Magento users. They help to modify the software for your business. One can also host this open-source software to fit the Web-hosting budget and control your back-end processes.

3. E-commerce Features support

 Magento offers everything to launch and manage an e-commerce business. It also supplements a broad range of tools that help in progressing traffic, sales and customer engagement.

Here are few e-commerce features that Magento supports:

- Shopping cart: Magento takes good care of secure payment processing. One may choose any of the payment-processing options offered by Magento like Simple Pay, PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, and more.

- Mobile Commerce: With the optimization of online store on mobile devices, Magento uses browser detection and responsive design

- Search engine optimization (SEO): Magento's SEO tools helps to boost traffic to your store. It also offers sitemaps for Google, metadata for products and control over URLs.

- Web design: It offers to choose thousands of themes across the Magento platform and third-party providers. One can choose according to the feel and functionality to fit their brand.

- Product management: Magento helps to export, import, and manage inventory.

- Marketing: Magento drives sales with promotions. It enables to use customers' shopping carts and individual pages to up- and cross-sell products and social sharing.

 4. Offers ready made templates


The online presence of the shopping mall is certainly generating more potential customers. It has not only increased the sale of business owners but more importantly, offered a global exposure. Magento e-commerce plays a vital role in setting up such online store in a cost effective way. One can find a vast collection of useful extensions and themes with Magento.

5. Admin Friendly

A Magento Developer offers indigenous design and the sophisticated functionalities. You will require no assistance at all. It has several backend options for the admin. These options are ideal in simplifying the work and saving the precious time of the admin.

The admin has an option to upload simple, virtual, configurable, bundled, downloadable or grouped products respectively. It also allows the admin to upload edit and delete products in bulk.

6. Easy To Integrate Third Party Apps

The best out of Magento is that it is easily integrated with the third party applications. Everyone wants to make life simpler and free from coding. Magento offers to plug in ready-made apps or plugins that integrate new features into your website.

Magento offers extensible API allows which allows connecting to any app or plugin of your choice easily.  Whether it is payment gateways, or web analytics or shipping; you can search for the application and plug it into your Magento site.

Regarding security, Magento facilitates transactions on an SSL layer whereby it shields your customer’s credentials from hackers. This also protects your site holders against account spoofing and DDoS attacks.

Thus, if you are looking for a flexible, secure, extensible, reliable and robust go with Magento development. No matter whatever is your size or requirements, the Magento CMS platform can handle its transactions without even a hiccup.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Finest Tips To Build A Wholesome Ecommerce Business In 2016

Ecommerce has become the talk of the town and these websites have become one true source of revenue for numerous business owners across the globe. Moreover, when it comes to big shopping carnivals such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday you need to make sure that your business gets the power of eCommerce web development. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss best strategies that can help you to strategies your eCommerce moves in 2016.

1. Make your Online Audience a Micro Target 

E-commerce is the best platform that defines you product or services well and helps you to design a website so as to reach their target users that have a common interest or preferences. No matter what kind of product/service you sell, you need to define that your firms target market that can help you to go deeper among the target audience. 

2. Make sure to render a Personalized User Experience 

Your website visitors need to experience that you are sensitive to all their needs as well as interests. Technology is present for everyone and even to every SME or medium size industry, thus one can utilize this to deliver an extremely exciting experience to the shoppers interests and priorities and then develop a section as per the shopping preferences of the users.  

3. Deliver a smooth targeted Browsing Experience

You must get a good website design and also a well structured navigation so as to become the major ingredients so as to attract the audience and also retain them. Rendering quite a alluring browsing experience across all the development platforms. If you have sell backups then you need to make use of vibrant colors and also flashy designs so as to give them a feeling of exuberance. 

4. Omni Channel Experience

Do not forget to render multi-channel offerings, that helps you to render quite a consistent user experience to your brand easily, no matter what shopping method do you choose. However, you need to be sure that the products or services you wish to sell is via different channels and are extremely different so as to maintain the difference int the price.

5. Mobile Development is a Strong Need 

With the proliferation in the mobile devices we can see a considerable surge in Mobile commerce or mCommerce which is growing at a considerable rate of 130 percent every year. For those who do not have a strong and fortified platform for mobile commerce must know that there can is quite a steep drop that can be experienced in the revenue over the last few years.

So as to stay in the competition, we need to offer services that can be sent on mobile for instance the maps, status of the delivery, click-to-call, real-time notifications, and product information.

6. Get into Logistics 

To get more growth, you need to get into the logistics providers that are third-party providers (3PLs) so as to maintain and manage such complex orders that come in high volumes. The key differentiator in the process is the use of Reverse logistics and its ability to handle all the exchanges quite quickly and economically has become quite a strong differentiating point.

Apart from this you can also vouch for delivery on the same day and exciting fulfillment networks that can prove to be quite advantageous.

7. Keep Subscription Commerce 

There are several forms that Subscription commerce can take place. Moreover, in the replenishment model, there is a commodity item that is sent to all the users each and every month. The discovery model is therefore quite effective when it comes. It further renders easy subscription in order to deliver a curated user experience so as to deliver exciting, new, or customized user experience or regular intervals to the doorstep of the customers.

8. You can make the Middlemen go Away

Thanks to Internet that has enabled all the small scale firms to increase their exposure to their users with ease.
Further we have manufacturers ,such as those in China, that have showed an increased interest in working with SME's. Apart from this they have also found out that small business brands are more enthusiastic towards launching new products in the market as they are are restricted by a limited shelf space and difficult supply chains.

9. Render an unfettered user Experience spreading across all the Channels 

This will help you to boost your sales if you make sure that the availability of products, brand experience and promotional strategies, delivered are smooth across each and every channel be it in-store, online, or on a mobile experience. All you need to do is to apply supply chain management technology powered with so as to get improvement in the performance on the various channels that you sell. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yes It Is (YII Framework) - The Right Choice For Your Web Development.

“Yii” is the acronym for “Yes it is” which implies that impossible is nothing and you can attain flexibility in all your approach. It is utterly use friendly and helps the developers to carry on an extremely smooth and unfettered development voyage. This helps the developers to focus more on innovation and incorporating new functionalities in the web development world. 

Yii Framework Development

In this blog we will discuss how Yii is the best choice for your project not matter how complex it is.

Yii is a high performing PHP development framework that aims at creating websites that perform smoothly irrespective of the scale of the web applications. This open source development framework, enables the programmers to customize the code in a single line which is depends on the requirement of the program.

“Yii developer” can utilize this generic framework for web programming, that helps in developing web app in a large scale and also offers advanced solutions for caching. This framework is powered with intensive tools for smooth development process, such as tools for testing as well as debugging the apps in an extremely clear and descriptive way.

What makes Yii framework necessary?

It is certainly a out of the box framework that gives the developers a flexible medium for developing web apps rapidly and effectively. Further more, it is an incredible app for developing websites and web apps that have high traffic such as CMS websites, forums, e-commerce systems, web portals and numerous other web applications.

Web programmers can use this Yii Framework to adopt a highly functional technique for caching for making web applications. This tool gives the leverage to the developers to make a mark among the multitudes of other PHP frameworks and this is all because of its modern caching technique.

Major Takeways:

Icing on the cake is that it is an open-source web app development framework which makes it completely free and this is primarily designed for creating different niche app for web quite swiftly and rapidlyYii platform is accepted to be a quite a distinguished source for building web apps for different industrial and business verticals existing all over the world.

This development tool has made it easy for the firms to carry on the different level of development be it complex or simple and enables developers to create highly interactive and intuitive web designs for any business website in an extremely smooth way.

This web development platform comes with extensive functionalities, confidential security, rapid speed, impeccable user-interface to make it easy for the programmer to work without obstructions and is as per the requirements of modern development world.

This framework offer incredible functionalities that helps in optimizing the efforts required by the programmers end and this has carved its own niche in the global market via its cost effective and timely delivered web app to business owners.

Features to reckon with

This modern framework is comes with numerous rich functionalities for instance MVC, Scaffolding, Caching, Testing, Authentication, and many more. And also offer a wide berth of extensive features.

Systematic Code Generation: Developers have the leverage to quickly and easily develop codes that render standard facilities to code and this functionality helps it to stand out among other PHP frameworks.

MVC DesignIt runs on MVC model and offer unique separation concerns for your smooth web development in an organized way.
Security: Yii framework has high security mechanisms that are intrinsic, which works as an armour for websites and protects it from nefarious hackers in a the best possible way.

Web Services: It helps the programmer to perform the cumbersome task of coding queries SQL that are redundant and gives them the leverage to transform the database as per the desired objects.

Error Handling: Developers can easily figure out the errors existing in the program and this consumes not time in fixing them

Final words:

Looking at the afore-mentioned features one can note that the advantages, features and frequent alterations that provides the developers quite a comprehensive environment for the developers to create the top notch interactive designs for clients and this is the reason why Yii framework is highly competitive framework that can be used by developers all the features to build a feature rich and competitive website.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Native vs Web vs Hybrid Apps: What makes them different from one another?

With technology advancing at a lightening speed, it has become imperative to build mobile apps that can enable you to reach out to a wider group of target audience. Now, the question here is that which method must be adopted for building a mobile application. Whether you should opt for native apps, web-based apps or the hybrid apps. Well, the method that you choose for building your next mobile app purely depends on multiple factors viz: your budget, the available time-scale, the purpose and core functionality that you intend to serve via your app. 

Today, through this post, I'll be making an attempt to clear the air regarding the native, web and hybrid apps which have introduced a whole new revolution in the world of app development. Here's hoping that by the end of this post, you'll be able to decide the most appropriate methodology for building your app. 

Starting off with Native Apps 
Native apps are basically the mobile application that are specially being designed for a certain group of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and many more. Built using their respective development tools and languages(for eg: Eclipse, Android Studio and Java for Android apps, Xcode and Object C for iOS apps) Native apps run only on the platform that they have been designed for. 

Native Apps- Pros 

Firstly, let's have a closer look at the pros associated with Native apps: 
  • Apps work in the offline mode, a visible advantage for people who find it hard to stay connected with the internet on a consistent basis
  • Apps use the best and latest hardware resources for offering excellent user experience
  • Apps have an easy access to all the latest API's that have been released for the target platform.
  • Since apps are built in platform-compatible languages, they can have a quick access to all the IDEs that come with tools helping in development and debugging of the app development project. 

Native Apps- Cons
  • Now, let get to know about the cons associated with Native Apps
  • Unavailability of native app developers 
  • App updates need to be manually downloaded by the users, ending up into the need for maintaining multiple versions of the app on your web server
  • A massive budget is involved as you're expected to maintain multiple teams that are dedicated to different platforms which need to be supported by your native app

Next come the Web Apps

Web apps are basically mobile optimized websites that appear as apps and run on a mobile browser. Being platform independent, they can load within any mobile browser like Google Chrome or Safari. In order to access such mobile version of a website, you aren't supposed to have available space on your device. Web apps serve as excellent means for individuals and corporations which are inclined on making a specific piece of content or functionality available on the mobile devices. Since web apps use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other popular languages, you won't be permitted an access to the standardised SDK(Software Development Kit).  

Web Apps- Pros
  • App distribution is easy. All you need to do is simply deploy the app on your web server and users would be able to access them via their browsers.
  • Since web apps run on browsers, they can easily reach out on all the available mobile platforms
  • Apps are of type: write-once, run everywhere
  • Development and testing of web apps is convenient and cost-effective simply because they are similar to the normal web apps

Web Apps- Cons
  • Apps don't have any access to the native functionality
  • Apps don't work in the offline mode
  • Apps are slower and less intuitive
  • Apps don't appear on popular app stores like Apple Store and Google Play, thereby making you miss out on a vital source of traffic/downloads. 

Finally, coming to Hybrid Apps 
Popularly known as cross-platform apps, Hybrid apps are the single mobile apps that are built on HTML5 and effectively optimized for a wide range of mobile platforms. Just like the native apps, the hybrid apps can also be downloaded from the online app stores like Apple Store and Google Play. Quicker to build, as compared to the native apps, hybrid apps can be developed using popular tools like PhoneGap/Cordova and Appcelerator Titanium. 

Hybrid Apps- Pros
  • Apps can be easily deployed in platform specific app stores
  • Apps can easily access native layers
  • Apps can work in the offline mode
  • Apps can be developed quickly simply because cross-platform web technologies don't involved a lot of coding 

Hybrid Apps- Cons
  • The performance of hybrid apps doesn't match with that of the native apps. The sole reason for this is that these apps execute on the platform's web engine; thereby creating an additional layer between the application and end user. 
  • App development involves the need for hiring a massive pool of developers. The reason here being that the hybrid apps are built using the standard web technologies.

That's it for now!

Final Words 
Now that you're well abreast with details about all the three app types viz: native, web and hybrid; the decision of choosing one that fits your requirements would definitely become a breeze. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

How to utilize your Mobile site and app in tandem to get phenomenal ROI ?

Business owners are utterly confused among the techniques to adopt a business website. Talking about the stats we see that the people have more inclination towards mobile apps when compared with mobile website. However, delving deeper you would actualize that if unless you are a big brand you need to make use of your mobile website to take them to your mobile app.

In this blog we will discuss how we can make these both work in tandem with each other to get maximum business gains. You can further draft a link marketing funnel for your app to get maximum returns from all your all your investment done in web marketing.
Redirect mobile website traffic to your app

We know that users do not download ab app unless it is extremely powerful or is of a well known brand. However, you can get user visits easily via a good SEO strategy. You can use your websites' traffic very efficiently to increase your mobile apps' download. Moreover, mobile apps are more efficient, robust and offer dedicated mobile experience than mobile website.

You mobile website can work as a showcase for your app and leads people to leverage the best technology and experience.
No matter how responsive your website is but this can never match pace the experience level which a mobile app can deliver.

Be coherent to your  Mobile web app
As people switch from a website to a mobile application, wherefore you need to provide all the core functionalities in your mobile app with a highly advanced mobile friendly user interface. As we are redirecting our visitors from our mobile site to app, thus make sure that they get similar functionalities and appearances on you mobile website as well. Make sure that all your incredible features are incorporated in your app which makes it more demanding.

Present an evolved version of your Mobile app

Mobile apps certainly provide the best experience as they can utilize all the native device functionalities of a device. This is where your mobile app give you a better chance to enhance and evolve your web app development. Coherence to your mobile web ap do not means that you need to just copy and paste all the features, in order to gain good returns you need to perch you technological levels and explore new avenues.

For instance, if you run an online buying and selling website for used products, then you can make use of the device camera to ad a functionality of uploading pictures of the products to be sold or real estate business can also incorporate this in their mobile apps.

Experience is all which matters
Utilizes your linked conversion funnel

You never know which device a user is using to browse your website. Let us suppose a customer is traveling home from office and while traveling they are using their pHablet/tablet/smartphone to visit your website, wherein when they are back at home they would like to see their selected items on a bigger screen. Moreover, you cannot anticipate how many devices a user is using simultaneously , wherefore delivering an incredible user experience on all the devices becomes our prime requisite. Or in simple terms make sure that renders a good performance on every device as auguring about the devices is an arduous task.

Understanding the difference between the Inputs

While switching to mobile apps make sure to utilize the inputs in the best possible way and do not forget that mobile apps offer a lot interactions to meet in an extremely minimal space. Due to this fact there are less controls on a single mobile app panel .

Why it is crucial to perfect you mobile app design?

As per an article from TechCrunch, users have a very low tolerance to poorly performing mobile apps.  For delivering better user engagement you can categories the apps in terms of operating systems. As there are different manufactures, each one of them have their own device design and input style.
As we can see that Blackberry offers a touch pad for inputs like pointing, selecting and dragging, wherein some of the Android Mobile Application device comprises of a physical keyboard. However, majority of the devices offer a virtual keyboard only.

Users would like to use your app again and again and to share it with their friends only if they will feel that the app is worth sharing and provides an awesome user experience.

  • Analyze your users and their behavior
  • Delivering in accordance your business goal
  • Proper analysis of an incredible navigation
  • Make sure to make your website highly interactive and visually alluring
  • Aptly place the elements
  • A smooth interaction is the key to success

Mobile app is not a rehash version of web app

Mobile apps are certainly not a rehashed version your mobile website. However, if you are thinking so then this is your biggest misconception. With so much uncertainty in the web development world, you actually cannot say or predict anything, this is why every aspect its owns positive effects. Websites provide information, where in mobile apps provide high user engagement.

Further, you need to make sure that you deliver the best user experience on each of the platforms such as a laptop, smartphones (native , HTML5 or a cross platform) and also the tablets. Further, you can ingeniously use your website to make the users visit your app by aptly delivering your brands message.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tweak your Mobile Testing Methods to Boost Sales

I have seen that most of the people opine that testing is of meager importance and all they need to do is focus on developing. This is where you are highly mistaken.

However, i have seen at times that there are several applications, with high end functionalities which fail if they do not deliver optimal performance. Users have a very low tolerance to apps which are full of bugs and errors. In this blog we will discuss how to remove stereotypical testing methods and the adopt new methods to improve you business gains.

Know the essence !

The very first thing you need to do is to know what you want to deliver to your customers, which is certainly what the customers want from your app. Further, you need to analyze your audience as knowing them better will confine your testing circle. This implies that after analyzing you get to test only on limited devices. Wherefore, you can cast aside devices which your targeted audience do not use.

There are ample of devices available in the market, all thanks to Android, which is a open source and is used by numerous third party vendors for making smart gadgets for your mobile app.

Now you can imagine the cost of testing on this plethora of devices!

So, this leaves you with the most viable approach is to track your customers, not literally spy on them, but the using the analytics right tools.

Make a track sheet in where you can track the age, gender, mobile habits and other internet related preferences. This will give you an basic grasp of for whom you are designing and are you getting on the right track. You can further track down their app usage pattern, which can serve as a great parameter to note down and incorporate in your app.

You might be considering this as a herculean task. In this digital age everything analyzing the market won't be quite a task as you can get statics from app stores, go for personal interviews or market survey.

Users DETEST battery eaters!

As a compulsive use of mobile apps it personally detest battery eaters. No user likes to carry power banks with them when they have invested so much in the mobile phones. So voracious apps which crave for power are dumped very fast. If you do not want to ruin all your efforts and resources, then make sure that you app consumes minimal battery. Plus , make sure that your app works in sync with other apps in your mobile and acclimatizes to the intermittent network connection in case of traveling.

Employ Standard Testing Methods

It's good to employ new testing methodologies but it is very difficult but do not forget the old ones. Old testing tools such as Regression Testing ,Sanity and Smoke testing, user acceptance testing, , Functionality Testing and many more such can be used wisely to test your app throughly.

These tools can be easily applied to have a fortified mobile testing strategy. This was quite strange for me when I gathered that people do not know that they can all the functional and non- functional web application testing strategies to mobile apps.

 Additionally, we now have cloud testing technique which offers best testing for apps.