Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Surprising Developments For iPhone App Developers Gaining Ground

iOS 9 was launched in September and undoubtedly the changes were better than iOS 8, the credit goes to new features that make it easy to use for iPhone and iPad software.

They have improved the quality of Siri and it become much more smarter, along with this Apple Maps have also been revamped. The notifications comes in a drop-down menu which is arranged logically. The best part is that, devices that work with iOS 8 are not facing any compatibility issues with iOS 9.

Moreover, since there has been no stagnation as the operating system has improved ever since and comes with regular updates and we have come with numerous versions of the software.

This is certainly not enough as the upgrades will keep on increasing, now we do not only have iOS 9.3, but iOS 9.3.1 is also on the floor which is launched along 9.7-inch iPad Pro and  4-inch iPhone SE. Due to this iPad's have gained a lot of benefit from this current operating.

As the platform has been growing so ferociously we got to delve into what all surprising developments have taken palace for app developers.

Good news for third party iOS app developers 

Over all the news and surprising development this one will certainly overwhelm you the most and this is opening up of iOS wearables for third party developers. Apple’s has launched a wearable device which will be certainly based on iOS, and the best news is that it will welcome third-party app developers  and along with this it also be powered by App Store.

However, nothing is quite clear from what kind of  App Store it will be like, for instance the one like we currently have for iPhone and iPad, or it will be just another section in the regular iPhone App Store for wearable apps that features app compatible with  wearable devices.

There are certain high-profile services companies that have already registered themselves for this new  advancement iPad App Store in edition of Apple SDK (Software Development Kit) specially curated for wearables and this has been kept under a strict confidentiality .

As per the sources one of the developers that has occupied a space in the pre-release SDK is  Facebook, the social networking stalwart, revealed as per source. Facebook has also accomplished the development which is to the iOS 8-optimized version on its iPhone app counterpart and comes with notifications.

This social network is also altering the ways to make changes in its Notification Center APIs. The SDK was developed quite recently for the developers, and Apple somewhat wants to showcase  wearable apps  developed by third party developers as per the  source have revealed.

Apple has certainly has offered  developers even in its earlier  versions of the SDK's  which was launched to encourage third party developers to come up with their own apps for the platform. For instance, there were several companies for example AOL that demonstrated  fancy gaming, iPhone SDK, and apps for drawing were demonstrated along with iPad back then 2010.

Apple watch is on the floors, but still we are not aware of the new Apple Watch platform as there is no official confirmation about the platform from the developers side. However, we are sure of one thing that Apple Watch will certainly hit the floor in 2016 and will come with additional features.

The Apple Watch claimed the title of number one wearable in 2015, and that too without a battery that lasts for 24 hours and the device also do not comes with a SIM card and is also without a camera. Considering the positive impact we know that Apple Watch has a deep market impact when it comes to the field of technology powered for wearable and the credit goes to Apple Pay.

Though we are not looking for some great  changes in the forth coming version of Apple wearable, primarily in the shape, but there might be some improvements in the hardware components.

We also expect the third iteration of watch OS to come with a quite an efficient SDK access for third party developers and this has also paved a new communication process between  Apple Watch and iPhone.

However, we are anticipating that the forthcoming  Apple Watch will come powered by LTE, this allows for true decoupling of Wi-Fi and iPhone, and this will come with an improved  battery life and also will be powered by an intrinsic GPS system.

Auto Layout is a tool that dynamically calculates the position and size of views in the structure of your web layout, and this depends upon the constraints that are placed in the views.

For instance, it allows you to restrict a button which is centered horizontally with the Image view and this also makes the edge of the button 8 points beneath. It is designed with so much flexibility that if the size or the position of the image changes then the layout automatically adjusts itself to match the position of the button.

These approached are based on constraints that allows to build interfaces that respond quite strongly when it comes to external or internal changes in the user interfaces.

Defining External Changes

Now what are external changes? Whenever the size or shape of your of your view changes is know as the external changes. With each change there must be an update in the hierarchy of the view so that you make use of the space available to you. External changes occur when:
1. The user enters or leaves Split View on an iPad (iOS).
2. Whenever the user modules window.
3. Whenever you rotate your device (iOS).
4. You get active call and audio recording bars to disappear and  appear.
5. When the user wishes to support classes of different size
6. When the user wishes to support  screens of different sizes.

In Short!
:IOS developers have a lot of scope

 After discussing so much about the advancement in the iOS platform we came up with the gist a business owner can hire iOS app developers and can embrace latest advancement in the technology. Moreover, this brings to us the fact that a lot of creative avenues have opened up for the developers which one can experiment with.

I know that your brain has already started cooking ideas and you are curious to share them with us.
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