Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Why Magento is ideal for E-commerce Business?

E-Commerce area is considered as one of the expeditious fragments of the administration business around the globe. Now are you planning to build a perfect e-commerce solution that may stumble upon several searching results? Then Magento is quite popular among various business organizations these days. It is an open source e-commerce platform which has best features and offers the users unparalleled flexibility to manage the content.

The major advantages of choosing Magento eCommerce Development, by a maximum number of companies are that it provides an ultimate e-commerce solution with a potent combination of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Magento can be conveniently integrated with your existing online shopping website and offers a dynamic interface that not only sells and constraints but also offers a soothing user experience to your visitors.

Why Magento is most preferred E-Commerce Platform?

1. An open-source and full-featured

Magento is one of the best flexible full-featured e-commerce software. Since it is open-source software, you can use it exceptionally. You can either pinch it with the slight changes or completely tailor it to your business's needs. With the thousands of plugins and extensions available in the Magento community, it offers limitless customization's from third-party sources or developers.

Magento is fully scalable to grow because of its flexibility and changes as demanded by the businesses. Magento is considered best solution for entrepreneurs whether they are looking for basic e-commerce features for their online store or advanced options to accommodate growth.

2. Best Price

Business owners love Magento because of its cost-effectiveness. One does not require to pay for monthly subscriptions. Magento can get your online store run by little or no cost, with its free versions or paid plug-ins and extensions.

For small business holders, Magento Community is a great way to get started. It is probably a free version of Magento, which consists of Magento users. They help to modify the software for your business. One can also host this open-source software to fit the Web-hosting budget and control your back-end processes.

3. E-commerce Features support

 Magento offers everything to launch and manage an e-commerce business. It also supplements a broad range of tools that help in progressing traffic, sales and customer engagement.

Here are few e-commerce features that Magento supports:

- Shopping cart: Magento takes good care of secure payment processing. One may choose any of the payment-processing options offered by Magento like Simple Pay, PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, and more.

- Mobile Commerce: With the optimization of online store on mobile devices, Magento uses browser detection and responsive design

- Search engine optimization (SEO): Magento's SEO tools helps to boost traffic to your store. It also offers sitemaps for Google, metadata for products and control over URLs.

- Web design: It offers to choose thousands of themes across the Magento platform and third-party providers. One can choose according to the feel and functionality to fit their brand.

- Product management: Magento helps to export, import, and manage inventory.

- Marketing: Magento drives sales with promotions. It enables to use customers' shopping carts and individual pages to up- and cross-sell products and social sharing.

 4. Offers ready made templates


The online presence of the shopping mall is certainly generating more potential customers. It has not only increased the sale of business owners but more importantly, offered a global exposure. Magento e-commerce plays a vital role in setting up such online store in a cost effective way. One can find a vast collection of useful extensions and themes with Magento.

5. Admin Friendly

A Magento Developer offers indigenous design and the sophisticated functionalities. You will require no assistance at all. It has several backend options for the admin. These options are ideal in simplifying the work and saving the precious time of the admin.

The admin has an option to upload simple, virtual, configurable, bundled, downloadable or grouped products respectively. It also allows the admin to upload edit and delete products in bulk.

6. Easy To Integrate Third Party Apps

The best out of Magento is that it is easily integrated with the third party applications. Everyone wants to make life simpler and free from coding. Magento offers to plug in ready-made apps or plugins that integrate new features into your website.

Magento offers extensible API allows which allows connecting to any app or plugin of your choice easily.  Whether it is payment gateways, or web analytics or shipping; you can search for the application and plug it into your Magento site.

Regarding security, Magento facilitates transactions on an SSL layer whereby it shields your customer’s credentials from hackers. This also protects your site holders against account spoofing and DDoS attacks.

Thus, if you are looking for a flexible, secure, extensible, reliable and robust go with Magento development. No matter whatever is your size or requirements, the Magento CMS platform can handle its transactions without even a hiccup.

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