Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tweak your Mobile Testing Methods to Boost Sales

I have seen that most of the people opine that testing is of meager importance and all they need to do is focus on developing. This is where you are highly mistaken.

However, i have seen at times that there are several applications, with high end functionalities which fail if they do not deliver optimal performance. Users have a very low tolerance to apps which are full of bugs and errors. In this blog we will discuss how to remove stereotypical testing methods and the adopt new methods to improve you business gains.

Know the essence !

The very first thing you need to do is to know what you want to deliver to your customers, which is certainly what the customers want from your app. Further, you need to analyze your audience as knowing them better will confine your testing circle. This implies that after analyzing you get to test only on limited devices. Wherefore, you can cast aside devices which your targeted audience do not use.

There are ample of devices available in the market, all thanks to Android, which is a open source and is used by numerous third party vendors for making smart gadgets for your mobile app.

Now you can imagine the cost of testing on this plethora of devices!

So, this leaves you with the most viable approach is to track your customers, not literally spy on them, but the using the analytics right tools.

Make a track sheet in where you can track the age, gender, mobile habits and other internet related preferences. This will give you an basic grasp of for whom you are designing and are you getting on the right track. You can further track down their app usage pattern, which can serve as a great parameter to note down and incorporate in your app.

You might be considering this as a herculean task. In this digital age everything analyzing the market won't be quite a task as you can get statics from app stores, go for personal interviews or market survey.

Users DETEST battery eaters!

As a compulsive use of mobile apps it personally detest battery eaters. No user likes to carry power banks with them when they have invested so much in the mobile phones. So voracious apps which crave for power are dumped very fast. If you do not want to ruin all your efforts and resources, then make sure that you app consumes minimal battery. Plus , make sure that your app works in sync with other apps in your mobile and acclimatizes to the intermittent network connection in case of traveling.

Employ Standard Testing Methods

It's good to employ new testing methodologies but it is very difficult but do not forget the old ones. Old testing tools such as Regression Testing ,Sanity and Smoke testing, user acceptance testing, , Functionality Testing and many more such can be used wisely to test your app throughly.

These tools can be easily applied to have a fortified mobile testing strategy. This was quite strange for me when I gathered that people do not know that they can all the functional and non- functional web application testing strategies to mobile apps.

 Additionally, we now have cloud testing technique which offers best testing for apps.  

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