Friday, July 24, 2015

How to utilize your Mobile site and app in tandem to get phenomenal ROI ?

Business owners are utterly confused among the techniques to adopt a business website. Talking about the stats we see that the people have more inclination towards mobile apps when compared with mobile website. However, delving deeper you would actualize that if unless you are a big brand you need to make use of your mobile website to take them to your mobile app.

In this blog we will discuss how we can make these both work in tandem with each other to get maximum business gains. You can further draft a link marketing funnel for your app to get maximum returns from all your all your investment done in web marketing.
Redirect mobile website traffic to your app

We know that users do not download ab app unless it is extremely powerful or is of a well known brand. However, you can get user visits easily via a good SEO strategy. You can use your websites' traffic very efficiently to increase your mobile apps' download. Moreover, mobile apps are more efficient, robust and offer dedicated mobile experience than mobile website.

You mobile website can work as a showcase for your app and leads people to leverage the best technology and experience.
No matter how responsive your website is but this can never match pace the experience level which a mobile app can deliver.

Be coherent to your  Mobile web app
As people switch from a website to a mobile application, wherefore you need to provide all the core functionalities in your mobile app with a highly advanced mobile friendly user interface. As we are redirecting our visitors from our mobile site to app, thus make sure that they get similar functionalities and appearances on you mobile website as well. Make sure that all your incredible features are incorporated in your app which makes it more demanding.

Present an evolved version of your Mobile app

Mobile apps certainly provide the best experience as they can utilize all the native device functionalities of a device. This is where your mobile app give you a better chance to enhance and evolve your web app development. Coherence to your mobile web ap do not means that you need to just copy and paste all the features, in order to gain good returns you need to perch you technological levels and explore new avenues.

For instance, if you run an online buying and selling website for used products, then you can make use of the device camera to ad a functionality of uploading pictures of the products to be sold or real estate business can also incorporate this in their mobile apps.

Experience is all which matters
Utilizes your linked conversion funnel

You never know which device a user is using to browse your website. Let us suppose a customer is traveling home from office and while traveling they are using their pHablet/tablet/smartphone to visit your website, wherein when they are back at home they would like to see their selected items on a bigger screen. Moreover, you cannot anticipate how many devices a user is using simultaneously , wherefore delivering an incredible user experience on all the devices becomes our prime requisite. Or in simple terms make sure that renders a good performance on every device as auguring about the devices is an arduous task.

Understanding the difference between the Inputs

While switching to mobile apps make sure to utilize the inputs in the best possible way and do not forget that mobile apps offer a lot interactions to meet in an extremely minimal space. Due to this fact there are less controls on a single mobile app panel .

Why it is crucial to perfect you mobile app design?

As per an article from TechCrunch, users have a very low tolerance to poorly performing mobile apps.  For delivering better user engagement you can categories the apps in terms of operating systems. As there are different manufactures, each one of them have their own device design and input style.
As we can see that Blackberry offers a touch pad for inputs like pointing, selecting and dragging, wherein some of the Android Mobile Application device comprises of a physical keyboard. However, majority of the devices offer a virtual keyboard only.

Users would like to use your app again and again and to share it with their friends only if they will feel that the app is worth sharing and provides an awesome user experience.

  • Analyze your users and their behavior
  • Delivering in accordance your business goal
  • Proper analysis of an incredible navigation
  • Make sure to make your website highly interactive and visually alluring
  • Aptly place the elements
  • A smooth interaction is the key to success

Mobile app is not a rehash version of web app

Mobile apps are certainly not a rehashed version your mobile website. However, if you are thinking so then this is your biggest misconception. With so much uncertainty in the web development world, you actually cannot say or predict anything, this is why every aspect its owns positive effects. Websites provide information, where in mobile apps provide high user engagement.

Further, you need to make sure that you deliver the best user experience on each of the platforms such as a laptop, smartphones (native , HTML5 or a cross platform) and also the tablets. Further, you can ingeniously use your website to make the users visit your app by aptly delivering your brands message.

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