Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Practices to Follow During Web Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing your dream project to an offshore center may not always be entirely rosy and a cakewalk. There is a lot at stake and hence in order to ensure that there does not remain any loophole in the project, you should follow a logically and technically sound strategy. Below we shall discuss the best practices one should keep in mind while opting for web development outsourcing. Please read ahead to know more:

Respond To the Expectations :
Although a lot of songs have been sung about Web development outsourcing, we need to get real now. Owing to the very nature of the same, the outsourcing field is quite complicated. You may have hired a fabulous web development company, no doubts about it, but how are you going to be wary of virus attacks or disconnections, or email failures or language barriers etc?

Thus, be prepared against the same. Talk with an offshore web development center which finds it easy to communicate in a language that you are familiar with. Also, get a back up ISP to ensure that there is no bump in communication. And if you are hosting your website, you may need a backup server too.

Perform Reasonable Precautions:
While opting for web development outsourcing, you have to take into account the reasonable amount of precautions. No matter how obscure the outsourcing world gets, there is always something that you can do about it. Of course, you cannot keep someone away from stealing the proprietary information, but definitely you can contest the same in the court of law and seek compensations. Similarly, you may not be able to make certain that a developer will commit to your contract, but by keeping your options open and having certain back up options, you can protect yourself against the ordeal of a no show or abandonment.

Make an Attitude Shift More Conducive Towards the Project :
Yes, you heard us right. Even you, as the client of the outsourcing company can cause a lot of hindrance to the development process. Your impatience, an obsessive need to micromanage and control each and every process of the development, being nasty or unprofessional or unwilling to commit are few of the factors that may prove out to be potential project killers. When you are outsourcing the project, you are actually starting a tender and warm relationship that needs time and adjustments and mutual respect. In the absence of which ensures a failure.

As a conscientious outsourcer, you should consider the risk factors of each and every action of yours, and accordingly develop a strategy that would be more conducive towards web application development, as opposed to posing a threat to the very soundness of the same.

We hope that these practices would contribute towards a better and more significant offshore development. Please let us know your views about the same in the comments box below. 

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