Monday, July 01, 2013

Experience a Mobile Friendly SharePoint 2013 with Xicom Technologies

In 2001, when SharePoint launched for first time, the world was not as advanced as it is today. Nobody expected that a SmartPhone tsunami would come and revamp everything that relates to web technologies. The SharePoint was not made for any such native functionality for mobile access to features and contents of applications, made using SharePoint.
The Microsoft’s Take
In the wake of SmartPhone revolution, Microsoft tried to enhance the competencies of this application. It was tough to enhance the support to mobile devices because SharePoint was made for a secured environment and opening gates for mobile accessibility was like going against the design principals of product. So, it was a turbulent task for programmers. Initially, the company launched SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 but all these versions were not as technically sound as per the requirement. So, programmers worked hard on web application development, which can provide native functionality to mobile apps.

The Great Breakthrough
With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft unveiled its latest version. It is needful to say that this version has introduced great mobile friendly features. As per the analysis of CIO’s report, the latest version is apt for fulfilling the mobile related requirements of a majority of organizations. The provisions for mobile app have improvised with this version. Some of the key benefits that this version offers are mentioned below:

Contemporary View
It is the flagship feature of this version. It renders web sites in HTML 5 that paves the path for easy accessibility at your website. Now, the sites made using SharePoint 2013 will be able to view at SmartPhone web browsers like IE, Safari, and Android browsers. Moreover, it is apt for touch-screen user experience. In addition, the products based on this application go unchanged with traditional devices. The sites will sport ‘Classic view’ on traditional browsers, as the sites will be rendered in HTML.

With channels, programmers at Microsoft have done wonder. The ‘channels’ manage the rendering of sites as per the viewing environment. So, the mobile devices will get HTML 5 sites and classic web browsers will go the same as before. Technically, the provision of SharePoint 2010 was a bit tough to upgrade. So, the company worked on contriving something path breaking application.

Mobile Notification
This functionality is a strange in itself. It pushes the notification to mobiles. The users can receive notifications and alerts on their SmartPhones. The change or modification in web contents can transmit a message to the registered SmartPhone of the user. So, it has improvised the control and scalability of SP based products.

SharePoint News-feed App
This native mobile app will give access to documents that SP’s users follow. Currently, it is available for windows phone and iOS corresponding devices. This app will give access to window 8 users by the end of June, which will be followed by accessibility to Android using devices.

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