Thursday, November 13, 2014

4 Prolific Tools That Can Facilitate App Development For Android

The amazing benefits and utile features of Android make it a much sought after choice for innumerable developers across the globe. Its open-source nature of the platform allows developers to conveniently learn and update their apps as and when desired. It features robust and reliable Java language that ensures utmost security in Android applications.

Indubitably, it is comparatively easier to develop and release an Android application as it doesn't demand any addition efforts for licensing of approval. You just need to design an innovative app and develop it to integrate elements appropriately. However, if you are a non-developer and don't have any prior experience with the Java programming language, the app development will be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are numerous effective sources available that allows efficient and quick learning.

Moreover, you may also Outsource Android App Development as the rapid development and advancement in technology has also provided us with reliable and proficient development tools that can further help you accomplish your development task with utmost precision and ease. Some of the tools are provided and maintained by Google and some are offered by innumerable third party companies in the industry.

Let's have a look at some of the proficient Android app development tools.

1. Android SDK:

Google facilitates the Software Development Kit (SDK) that is quite essential while developing an Android app. It features several resourceful development tools including, libraries, handset emulator, debugger, documentation, tutorials, code samples that can ensure a smooth and efficient app development process.

2. Android App Inventor:

This amazing tool was originally designed and developed by Google and now MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) maintains the functionalities of this tool. This tool offers simple drag and drop feature within a user-friendly UI, which facilitates users to conveniently add desired elements and features to their app. It can also access the hardware and software programs (like GPS, text messages, contact data, web services, and more) of the Android device.

3. Basic4android:

Develop an agile Android application by deploying this efficient tool. It offers a powerful IDE, and a reliable GUI designer that supports multiple screens and different orientations. This app development tool offers a simple and easily accessible development environment, that is, quite similar to Visual Basic and Visual Studio.

4. Genymotion:
The default Android emulator accomplish makes the process a bit tedious by executing at substantially lower speed. However, this third party app development tool basically helps one speed up the emulator's task by quickly initiating the device and running the process. Thus, it simply accelerates the Android emulator functioning with blazingly high speed and is available for free. It is compatible with several Android API levels and Android Studio. You can complete your project efficiently and save your valuable time by simply using a proficient development tool like this tool.

If you have opted to Hire Android App Developer, then no doubt they can conveniently and efficiently develop a desired Android application by simply using an appropriate development tool. Use any of the above mentioned tools and accomplish your app development task with greater ease and enjoy the amazing benefits of the Android platform.

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