Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A definitive guideline on creating free apps using AppMakr

How many times have you got tempted looking at the eye-catchy and functionality-loaded mobile apps? I'm sure most of you reading this blog wouldn't actually remember the count for this. Irrespective of the mobile platform that you've chosen for your smartphone, a flawless app can add a new dimension to your mobile experience. And, for those of you who've got impressed by the mobile apps up to a level of showcasing your willingness to develop one then you've reached the right post. In this blog, I'll take you on a journey of creating a flawless app using the very popular app creator called AppMakr. So, let's get going and take a closer look at this outstanding free app generation platform.

What is AppMakr?
AppMakr employed by almost every Android Applications Development Company serves as an incredibly amazing free app creation platform that allows anyone(professional/non-professional) to build apps for iPhone, Android and HTML5. If you've some content to share then building an app can turn to be your wisest decision. Whether you're a blogger, a musician, an industrialist, an author or a sportsperson, AppMakr acts as your most trusted partner when it comes to building audience-targeted mobile applications.

And now, the steps that'll allow you to create a fabulous mobile app using AppMakr:

Step 1- Sign in or create an account by visiting AppMakr's official website at: appmakr.com/

Step 2-Now, on the landing page enter some basic details about yourself, your company and the mobile app that you intend to build. While filling in the form fields, ensure to create a unique title for your app. Also, double check the spelling of values entered for each field.

Step 3-
Drag and Drop features that you intend to include within the app
Here, you can choose features that you want for your app. You can select from the long list of available in-app functions, followed by having a sneak peak into the preview of the app on the mobile phone's screen. You are free to change the icon for each app as per your customized preference. Once you're done with specifying the app features, click on the “Save” button. Also, you can choose to click the 'Icon' button or 'Background' button for modifying the features already specified for the app.

Step 4- Tweak the app's Appearance
After finishing off with the placement of desired functions onto the app, make the required changes to the app's appearance. You can change the text title, upload a new header image and do a lot more. Additionally, you also have the option of changing the icon's size and text color along with the menu's color and opacity. Once you're done with providing the specs, click on the “Next” button.

Step 5- Specify the title, domain and icon for the mobile app
Here, you need to choose a unique title for your app, followed by specifying the URL using the dropdown box. Lastly, you need to choose an icon for your app. This icon would represent your app in all the app stores. You can either pick an icon from Infinite AppMakr's free library or upload an image of your choice.

Step 6- Write the description and Welcome message for the application

You may avail Android Apps Developers for hire who may understand that description is what the users will read about your app once it hits the app stores. Ensure to describe the app in 1,000 words or less with the first portion of the description written in English. Moreover, welcome message is what would be displayed when a user opens your app for the very first time. Double check the description and welcome message for any spelling mistakes or typos. Also, make it a point to fill in the rest of the app information like: adding some tags, publishing categories, contact information, demographics etc.

Step 7- Publish the application
Well, you can choose from three options of publishing the app: free publishing which supports advertisements and where the app is published for AppMakr's android-only market, a $1 per month publishing wherein the app is published for AppMakr's android-only market and a $9 per month publishing where the app is made available for all app markets.

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Hope you'd have found the free app creation guidelines interesting. So, get going and login to your AppMakr account for building an app that's capable of making many eye-balls roll.

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