Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Why PHP is Worth the Investment and Efforts

Web development technology has taken bigger and better leaps in last few years, and they have done that part naturally, part some stupendous efforts by a suite of talented developers. And among the web development platforms out there, PHP is certainly the most popular and most sought-after platform that is raising its stakes every passing hour. There are some remarkable technology benefits of PHP that have perched it among the very top of web development frameworks.

Outsourcing PHP development

So, arguably the platform that has the biggest contribution in advancements that web development has made, PHP is gaining more traction and among the  software languages and platforms, it is definitely powering programmers to take bigger strides and advancements. It is besing adopted by an increasing number of web development professionals who are taking every step to ensure that their applications do not lack on the feature-rich attributes and they are able to derive maximum value of the investments made in web development endeavor of their enterprise. 

  • PHP is one platform that is amazingly user-friendly and makes it a seamless task to code capably and easily. You don't have to go knee deep in the coding basics to make a reasonably impressive PHP app, though you should have a sound knowledge of the basics
  • The code structure of the innumerable PHP frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend and many more is pretty non fussy and this contributes to the developer-friendliness of the overall platform. Programming can get really arduous with certain programming languages and platforms. But with PHP, you can be rest assured that it won't take you to territories where you find too many loops and syntax to confuse you.
  • The developer-friendliness is made potent by the bonafide capability of PHP as a software platform. Not only is it easy to code in PHP, but this platform has an unrivaled power. Making powerful and versatile applications using PHP is a much more feasible endeavor since it can hand you over with some exceptional suite of tools that cannot be found with equal potency and availability in the the platforms.
  • The extensions and plugins of PHP give it a greater overall wherewithal to support making large scale applications that do not skimp on features and overwhelmingly big and sophisticated functionalities. There is a whole array of such extensions which can accomplish multiple number of tasks, equip your app with a diverse set of features and make it a breeze to add dynamism to your web development solutions. One of the the other significant advantages of these apps is that they also eliminate the need of adding more chunks of code every time you need to customize your application and add certain features which otherwise weren't the part of initial set up.
  • When we write software programs, it is common to make errors (what we refer as exceptions) So, in order to be able to point them out in a timely manner, we need a system that helps us identify these exceptions and rive them out of our program for our project to function in a manner most efficient. And this is again where PHP proves to be so helpful, as it has some of the most resourceful debugging tools that make it a breeze to find out the errors. These tools include the likes of Kint (an open source debugger that's perfect for locating exceptions), PHP Error (a debugging tool that boasts of some excellent and comprehensible representation of the errors made in the program) and Pinba (a MYSQL storage engine that proves to be highly useful for locating the most serious issues in the code and checking the inputted information for the errors) are among the most trusted debugging tools in PHP.
  • The scale of efficiency of PHP is bolstered further by its reliable security implementations and features it bestows you with. When it comes to anything related to web, security is always a major concern, and with the rising demands of web solutions, more and more programming hackers are making their way to the software realm. And as their number keeps on increasing, they are also becoming sophisticated in their approach. The tools they use to intrude their way into our web applications have become more penetrating and this has blotched the apps in terms of their susceptibility. But PHP is one such platform that to a large extent manages to keep such worries at bay. It has a whole variety of security and authentication features which help you make yourself better equipped against any such attacks and keep the intruders out of sight. The hackers find it extremely hard to break into your applications and create discrepancies because the authentication tools don't let them to.
Boasting of such a remarkable line of features, PHP is undeniably the best web development platform that you don't have to contemplate on much before choosing. What you need to contemplate on is the personnel you are hiring to work on your PHP project. Unless you hire people who are good at what they do, your project won't take off in a way you want it to. You need to invest quality time and research in finding the people best suited to your project and all its deliverables. As an alternative, outsourcing PHP development might bring exceptional results. Again, it is a matter of finding an offshore partner you can trust.

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