Monday, March 24, 2014

Mobility in Business : 4 Ways How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business Grow

Today, in the world of growing technology, mobile has become more than just a way to communicate with each other. Gone are the days, when it was just a device to stay connected and give a ring to each other. Over the past few years, my phone has turned into a more of a business and social tool than just a mobile device. You can talk to your friends, connect with your offshore clients, schedule your day, manage projects through apps, track your fitness, and almost do anything with ease. There's no doubt in saying that mobility has surely changed our lives. But how effective it is when it comes to business? Well, very.

Let's take a look at some interesting stats from recent research that shows how mobile apps can revolutionize your business:

1. 58% of all consumers own a smartphone.
2. Over 1.1 billion people like to access the web from their smartphones.
3. Mobile traffic holds 15% of entire Internet traffic.
4. 60% people prefer brands with mobile application over the others.
5. Tablet users spend 50% more time on internet than one with PC.
6. 10.16% emails are opened on the tablet and 25.80% on smartphones.
7. Apple has the largest share of 47% in the mobile market followed by Android, blackberry and windows devices.
8. In 2013, more than 50% of local searches were made from smartphones.

After reading those facts, there's no point left for asking why mobile apps can help your business grow. The whole world is going smart with smartphones, why not you? With all that being said, let's see how mobile apps can help your business grow.

1. More customers: With more than half of the world having a smartphone, how would you not expect to attract new customers though your mobile app. With a mobile app you can promote your business over the major mobile network to get customers which you would not be able to reach otherwise. It's a great source to attract new customers and stay in touch with existing ones. Enterprise Mobility Solutions can further help you turning more customers into more revenue generating customers.

2. Better Customer Service: With mobile apps, it's fast and easy to stay in touch with your clients and customers. You just need to identify what frustrates your customers and how can you address the issue. This will help you solve their issue on the move and develop a better customer relationship.

3. Better Customer Engagement: Mobile apps have become the best way to keep customers engaged. With more and better customer engagement, more are the chances of converting them into
revenue generating customers.

4. Marketing Tool : A mobile app can work as a marketing tool for your business. While a user is busy using your resources over the phone, he might want to share it with family or friends. A good mobile app with marketing done right can help your business get word of mouth promotion. Moreover, mobile apps can be easily integrated with social media (twitter, facebook, and more). A customer can easily share your services thus getting you free publicity.

Mobility in business has gain much more importance over the past few years. With ongoing technology, it has become necessary for businesses to opt for mobility solutions to enhance performance and grow their business. There are lot of companies offering Enterprise Mobility Solutions which can help your business with time efficiency and better performance  So what are you waiting on? Get a mobile app for your business today. 

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