Thursday, February 14, 2013

Should Magento be the Platform of Your Choice? - Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Today Magento boasts of having more than 125,000 sites in its kitty, including likes of Fortune 500 companies. This ascertains you of the trustworthiness and popularity of this e-commerce platform. But is it enough to choose Magento to support your next online shopping venture? Well, the answer is no! Before you decide upon any platform as the support system of you next big online release, you must review all its pros and cons thoroughly. Same is the case with Magento. An established understanding of its merits and demerits will empower you to decide whether you should hire magento developers for you next venture or not. So, here are some major pros and cons of Magento development that you must take into consideration before further deciding upon anything.

Pros of Magento:
  • User-friendly: The admin panel or back panel in Magento is highly user-friendly as compared to other e-commerce solutions. The back-end is intuitive yet simple which facilitates easy management and faster navigation.
  • Feature-Rich: Magento is packed with powerful features. Its community version is loaded with various features which are not commonly available in other platforms. These features include multi-currency and multi-language support, ability to manage multiple stores and search engine friendliness.
  • Cost-Effective: Being open source, Magento’s community version is free of cost.
  • Scalability: Magento is highly scalable. This means the solution powered by Magento grow with the increase in the size of your online business.
  • Flexibility: Templates used in Magento are easily customizable which gives you the flexibility of creating your website in exactly the way you want. As the software is open source, you have complete close over the code so that you can make any requisite changes in the functionalities yourself.
Cons of Magento:
  • Hosting Issues: Due to its enormous size, you can host a Magento solution only on dedicated servers that are configured either by you or service providers who are specialists in Magento hosting. If you run Magento on a shared server, it will degrade the user-experience making the site slow.
  • Developers: Magento resources are hard to locate, especially those with the right kind of experience and expertise. Only developers with proven understanding can work on systems as large as Magento. It is intelligent to work with developers who have prior experience in working with Magento core.
  • Time: Magento has a flexible architecture but it is complex at the same time. Usually, customizing sites in Magento proves more time-consuming as compared to other solutions. This is because Magento’s learning curve is more difficult to comprehend as compared to that of other platforms.
Now that you considered the pros and cons of Magento, you can contact a Magento development company and discuss your project requisites with them, in order to give your next e-commerce venture a kick-start.  

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