Thursday, December 13, 2012

Microsoft Retires Silverlight Framework

The Silverlight technology may not be available in upgraded versions anymore. Recently, Microsoft pulled down its site from the Web and uploaded a developer’s network page instead. Though Microsoft has not made any official announcement about this issue, but signs are clear that no upgraded versions of Silverlight will be available in the future. The existing versions of the plug-in will still be supported but no updates will be introduced.

After Adobe bid farewell to its Flash, Microsoft’s based framework Silverlight has retired to pave way for the coming of newer web applications based on HTML5 and likes. Though, the debate about which technology is the best still prevails. However, every web development company currently using Silverlight will have to search for a new and advanced alternative. There isn’t an immediate call but the end of is nearing, so this is the right time to begin planning.
Outsource web development was never an easy path to pursue and with giants like Microsoft developing rock strong platforms to support it only to withdraw them later, then path becomes even more rocky. While Silverlight could not beat the fan following of Flash, it still had a considerable network of developers in place. Thus, this immediate shut down of was not conceived properly, leaving majority of developer fraternity in frenzy.
After the initial shut down of the Silverlight website, the users were redirected to MSDN website, but sadly majority of links were broken. All this coming from an enterprise like Microsoft is a matter of grave disgrace. To err is human. The shutdown was announced to the developers beforehand but the way of handling the entire procedure was pretty clumsy.
With the retirement of Silverlight, companies and developers are likely to turn towards HTML 5 but the shift will be gradual and might take considerable amount of time.

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