Friday, January 13, 2012

Dot Net Development - Combining Languages

.Net development is a very valuable and useful technology. The .Net framework allows developers to work on their preferred programming language and also include codes from other languages. Most of the times there are situations where one functionality is best achieved by a particular language but another functionality in the same solution can be best achieved by some other language. Dot Net development allows developers to create highly useful and functional applications. Some of the most useful languages for .Net development are:

C++: Being the most well known programming language, every programmer is well versed in it and can use it easily and efficiently. Developers can also use VC++ and enable visual programming.

C#: Also known as C sharp, C# is built within the .Net framework.

Java: Java is one of the most powerful programming languages that allows developers to create applications on any operating system.

Perl: Perl is a reporting language used for extracting data out of files.

Python: Python offers a large variety of options for programmers. They can classes, dynamic data types, modules, exceptions, dynamic typing and many more features.

MS VB: Microsoft Visual Basic is most suitable for Microsoft applications. VB allows programmers to develop complex application in very little time.

These are some of the major languages that are supported on .Net framework and allow programmers to create highly effective applications.

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