Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Android Wear - A smart operating system dedicated to wearables

The era of wearables has arrived. All thanks to the immeasurable success of smartphones, both Apple and Google have announced entering into the world of wearable devices. Recently, the internet giant 'Google' announced the release of a new operating system-Android Wear which is specially designed for wearable devices such as Smartwatches that are originally manufactured by renowned companies including Samsung, LG, Motorola and many more. This blog digs deeper into the significance of Android Wear.

What's the basic aim of Android Wear?

As Google's latest operating system, Android Wear is intended to offer you suggestions based on factors such as your current location, time etc. That means, apart from displaying the time, an Android smartwatch will offer you information that will move with you. For example, if you are wearing an Android smartwatch and just boarded a bus, you can quickly look into your smartwatch to get insights on all the nearby locations that are a must-visit. The best part of Android Wear is that allows you to keep a good check over the apps' usage of battery and storage.

Watch Face API - An excellent addition to Android Wear

There are numerous of perks of Android applications development platform. Similarly, one of the greatest additions to Android Wear is the Watch Face API. Unlike the traditional hacking of custom watch faces that include undocumented APIs, Google has now rendered official support to developers who want to create a watch face. Announcing the launch of a new section within the Play Store for the Watch Face API, Google will be offering developers a complete control over the layout of their specific Watch Face. Additionally, Google has also tweaked the Android Wear app for allowing users to browse, download and swap within multiple watch faces.

Two new modes boost the performance of Android Wear screens

Android Wear comes with two new modes viz: Sunlight mode and Theater mode. While the sunlight mode works as the best fit for boosting the screen brightness for a short duration of time, the theater mode works just the opposite. To put it simple, when you switch on the theater mode, the screen will go completely black, with all the incoming notifications being muted. Plus, there's a handy hardware button that allows you to switch to Theater mode via a double-click and to the Sunlight mode via a triple click.

Blocking App Notifications directly from Android smartwatch is an interesting feature
To explore this, you can hire Android app programmer or simply contact. However, frequent notifications from apps seem to be quite disturbing for a smartwatch user. Now, with Android Wear, you can choose to block notifications from an app directly from your smartwatch itself. Considered as one of the biggest updates to Android Wear operating system till date, Google is inclined on popularizing Android Wear to an unimaginable level.


With Google leaving no stone unturned in making Android Wear a complete success, it will be interesting to see how the forthcoming updates to this all-new operating system will be embraced by avid Android fans. Here's hoping the information covered in this blog would enlighten you about the best features of Android Wear that can be leveraged for making your life simpler and fun-filled.

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