Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Xicom Technologies: Mobilizing Businesses through Enterprise Mobility Solutions

As the businesses and enterprises go global, they require solutions to keep their executives and other personals in contact with various departments. Mobility solutions enable quick and effective flow of information in an organization which further enhances the business management activities. Mobility solutions create a secure, convenient and time efficient environment for business executive and keep them well informed.

Xicom technologies has been assisting enterprises by mobilizing their businesses through its impeccable mobility solutions since last 10 years. Xicom understands the requirements of enterprises that always have business executives on the move and need to stay connected with business. Xicom offers world class Enterprise mobility solutions catering to their specific requirements. Xicom understands that business executives need to stay connected and well informed to make intelligent decisions.

Xicom in-houses a team of more than 250 skilled IT professionals having extensive software development experience for diverse business verticals. The business analysts and project managers at Xicom make sure that clients expectations and business requirements are clearly understood and communicated to the development team. They conduct a thorough research and investigation to understand the IT related business requirements of the client including those which even the client would have missed. The development procedure involves tested methodologies and internationally acclaimed processes thus providing a highly standardized and compatible solution to its clients.

Advantages of enterprise mobility solutions:
  • Provides simultaneous access to different databases at any location thus helps business executives in making quick and accurate decisions.

  • Business Executives can track their business activities from remote locations and make instant plans.

  • Provides real time access to KPIs and enables accelerated decision making capability.

  • Mobility solutions are highly secure and use standard encryption layers to provide maximum security to confidential business information. It also makes sure that unwanted personals are not able to access business critical information.

  • Also provides current business news and various other updates that may affect your business decisions.

  • Enterprise mobility solutions help executives in staying connected with business partners, colleagues, management, suppliers, and various other personals.

  • Mobility solutions help organizations in increasing the productivity of employees and reducing their operations cost.
Xicom owns 3 state of the art software development centers equipped with latest technologies and modern equipments located in New Delhi, India. This enables it to utilize the most effective and suitable technologies for developing and delivering top-notch mobility solutions for its global clients.

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